Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Dirty Bastard Keynes

Keynes was a Communist. He designed a system that was intended to pauperise the Capitalist bourgeoisie.
By design, his monetary policy is counter cyclical. Therefor as soon as there is surplus income leading to demand for goods and inflating their prices, the Keynesian reflex is to reduce the supply of money. This means that because of the mostly suppressed demand the occasional bout of prosperity leads to ruthless increases in interest rates and taxes, and to an inability of the middle class to save, either for the present or the future. The state or large capitalist employees are protected by state or monopolistic funded pensions.

In fact the harder the Capitalist bourgeoisie tried and succeed in creating wealth, the more the Keynesian torque tightens around their necks.

Lenin wished the middle classes capital savings ground to oblivion by inflation. Probably deliberately set it off in Wiemar Germany.

Keynesianism was just another string to the bow.

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