Friday, July 12, 2013

Romans in Denmark? - Imperium Romanorum - Ancient Roman Empire Forums

Romans in Denmark? - Imperium Romanorum - Ancient Roman Empire Forums: "Was there not a Roman protectorate that reached to the estuary of the Elbe in Augustan times? I'm pretty sure there was, for a short time. If so, then Jutland is a stone's throw away from the (admittedly very temporary) Roman frontier. Jet and amber are found in abundance in this area, which was very tradeable indeed in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Thus I see the probability of shipping facilities - with accompanying protection from one or two auxilliary forts with a scattering of signal stations - as not only feasible, but quite unsurprising. I have a very old Penguin book by the British archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler called 'Rome Beyond the Imperial Frontier'. Although published in 1954, I believe much of its content is still valid, although tantalisingly no - one has followed up this work. He describes trading centres in places such as North West India, the Baltic Coast and East Africa, all places a good deal further away from direct Roman rule than Denmark. Although not set up by the state, these enterprises were certainly set up by far-travelling Roman citizens, as attested by various finds and evidence of Roman religious activity. "

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